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About me

Hello! I'm Adrian Lopez Valle and I'm a music composer and producer based in San Jose, California.


You might know me by my online alias, "Mariotravel209". It's a pretty unusual name, I know. But it's one that encompasses more than you think!

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Adrian Lopez Valle

Born in San Jose, California. Raised, however, in the city of Pittsburg, California, where his ambitions and dreams were born. Adrian was at the age of five when he first picked up a camera and started shooting films. The name "Mariotravel209" was conceived in 2010 when Adrian created a YouTube channel at the age of 10, producing videos featuring his plush toys. As a vow to never forget his childhood and roots, he has kept the name for his casual music persona and animations.

In early 2016, Adrian had entered the world of music production for the first time, experimenting with the software and instruments he had in his possession. Because of his passion for music and movies together, this has also made him an experienced music composer for film scores.


He has composed for standalone projects such as "The Lost Conspiracy", diving into the world of action-spy music, a favorite genre of his. "The Smash Ultimatum" a 3d animated fan-made thriller made by no other than Adrian Lopez Valle himself. "Bark-N-Found" was composed for "Global Game Jam 2021", representing as the team's songwriter for "San Jose State University".

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